Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Judge Hendon Abuses Power, Blames Legislature

A judge in Hamilton County, OH removed a girl from her parents' custody over the girl's desire to become a boy

Because the judge knew that her action is a grave abuse of power, the judge blamed the Ohio legislature:

...What is clear from the testimony presented in this case and the increasing worldwide interest in transgender care is that there is certainly a reasonable expectation that circumstances similar to the one at bar are likely to repeat themselves. That type of legislation would give a voice and a pathway to youth similarly situated as (the teen) without attributing fault to the parents and involving them in protracted litigation which can and does destroy a family unit....

Hendon is full of crap.  She should have simply tossed the case when it was filed.  This is a matter where the proper disposition is for the girl to be placed in an insane asylum.

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