Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Milwaukee Alderman Is Really Confused

The alderman for this part of Milwaukee seems to be a very sensible guy, if you only watch his television speech about "Don't be a carjacker, you could be dead."

That is very good advice, and the alderman seems to have his head screwed on right.

But then we read this:

A 21-year-old would-be carjacker was shot and killed by his intended victim early Monday, Milwaukee officials said.

The man, whose name has not been released, was armed with a gun and trying to carjack a 24-year-old man who was heading into work shortly before 6 a.m. Monday, Milwaukee Police Capt. Andra Williams said....

OK, there's the setup for what follows.  The shooter is a concealed-carry permit holder.

...The topic of concealed carry has drawn heated debate at Milwaukee City Hall in recent months, with Common Council members voting to ban city contractors from carrying firearms to work sites.

Asked about the issue Monday, [Alderman] Johnson said the two issues were "different" and he still believes city employees, except law enforcement, and contractors should not carry firearms.

"Different"?  How, exactly?  Is one allowed the God-given right to self-defense ONLY if one is car-jacked?  Is one supposed to be a defenseless victim ONLY if doing work for the City?

Ald. Anderson, I'd suggest you get your head out of Tommy Barrett's large ass and repair your thinking button.  If you think people are going to give up self-defense just to work for the City, you are nuts.

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