Sunday, February 11, 2018

So Paul Ryan, Is This What You Call "Leadership"?

In addition to lie-bragging to pro-lifers about "de-funding" Planned Murderhood, Ryan has been in leadership/chairmanship slots in the House for quite a long time.

During ALL of Ryan's time in chair or Speaker slots, the FedGov has not passed one complete appropriations package.

Not ONE.

...The last time Congress passed all appropriations bills on time was 1997, which was only the fourth instance all appropriations were done since 1977....

So, Paul, how's "leadership" reflected in this?  Yah, yah, there is the McConnell problem and 8 years of Obozo--but there were also 8 years of Bush, remember??

Your primary opponent is a racist clown-car and your general opponent is a fake.  But sooner or later your luck will run out, Paul.

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