Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Marquette Profs at "Joy of Sex" Adultery Ed. Tour

Don't draw the wrong conclusion:  the encyclical is actually titled Amoris Laetitia or "Joy of Love."

But since it seems to legitimize adulterous 'second marriages' it earned the soubriquet in my post-title.

Anyhow.  Cdl. Cupich is the front-man for Pp. Francis' Adultery Education Tour, and two of the consulting theologians are from Marquette University:  Conor Kelly and Kate Ward.

Cupich has already given a presentation on the topic of AL in England  and has made it clear that the interpretation given by the Bishops of Argentina (Buenos Aires) is just fine and dandy.

Well, it's not.  But Cupich has long been on the radar of actual Catholics, and his promotion to Chicago (by Pp. Francis) was regarded as a clear sign that things would be getting *interesting*.

And they are.  Oremus pro pontifice!  Oremus pro fidelibus!!

(For those of you who cannot find "clarity" in Cupich's blathering, see this item by a truly courageous priest:  Fr. George Rutler.  N.B.:  you can support Fr. Rutler's parish online or by check.  Just Google him.)

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