Saturday, February 10, 2018

The NPR Version of "Why Brand Quit"

The #3 banana at Justice quit (as did her assistant).

Allahpundit happens to have written the NPR version of "why".  It's bullshit, of course.

...given Trump’s perpetual rage at Sessions and Rosenstein, it’s quite possible that Brand would have been elevated to Attorney General before Trump’s presidency ends. For most lawyers, under normal circumstances, *that’s* a dream job. Under Trump-y circumstances, though? If anything, Brand may have feared rather than hoped that she’d eventually get the call....

That is approximately the same horse-hockey that NPR is spreading this morning:  it's "uncomfortable" to be in the DOJ and if Rosenstein goes, she'll be supervising Mueller.  Apparently this very high-powered and politically adroit woman is really just another snowflake.


She's going to WallyWorld and will earn $Umpty-Mega-Bucks.  And she doesn't want to explain how deep and wide the Holder/Lynch corruption really is.

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