Thursday, February 08, 2018

Strzok's Zipper Problem Not the Only One

Apparently Agent Strzok's zipper pathology is only one part of his Establishment Jackwad complex.

While on "affirmative action,"....Strzok wrote “While I hate Trump, part of me thought [redacted] would not/may not get into [redacted] because they’re white and not from buttf*ck Texas.

Hmmm.  He also has curious notions about how to raise children:

...Then he appears to joke that he would make his own child homeless if he supported Ted Cruz....

That's a two-fer:  Cruz is from Texas!!

But you don't have to be from Texas to draw the disgust of Agent Strzok.  He's a very inclusive hater!!

...The pair later complain about pro-life demonstrators in DC. “F*cking marchers making traffic problems,” Strzok says.

Strzok then says, “I have an idea!” The government, he says, should cancel the protesters’ permit under the guise of a “snow emergency.” Then they mock “Rep candidates” who say climate change isn’t real....

Offhand, I'd question putting this bozo into a Human Resources slot.  But that's telling:  this is the Establishment/Deep State's boy--so he should be screening people for Feeb jobs, right??


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