Thursday, February 22, 2018

MMAC's True Colors

The Metro Milwaukee Ass'n of Commerce has a serious Big Government bias.  Now it has an Anti-Speech bias, too.  Can you smell the Establishment rot here?

The Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC) is asking the Wisconsin Supreme Court for permission to file a non-party brief in defense of Marquette University’s decision to fire Professor John McAdams. Why would a business organization wade into a free speech court battle between a university and a professor?

Steve Baas, the Senior Vice President – Governmental Affairs & Public Policy for MMAC, says the case has implications for his organization’s members beyond Marquette University....

Steve Baas is full of Corporate Crap.

McAdams has a contract which guarantees him freedom of speech.  There is no such comparable contract given to employees of Rexnord, Childrens' Hospital, or the Joe Doakes WhatsIt Mfg. Co.  In fact, MMAC members may (cough) fire at will.  For any reason, at any time.  Just ask Google, which is in the process of schmeissing some guy who spoke up about women in his workplace.

MMAC, like its Big Sister, the national Chamber of Commerce, is just another Establishment bunch which prefers that citizens pay taxes, get hosed by illegal/slave-labor folks, and otherwise shut up.

Too bad.  40 years ago, it was a pretty good outfit.

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