Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Don't Call Bp. Sorondo "Raca".....

We're told in the Gospel that we should not call another "raca."

OK, then.  We'll just re-post the news story and let you, dear reader, draw your own conclusions.

According to the head of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academies for Sciences and Social Sciences, China’s current communist regime which is infamous for its massive scale of human rights violations is the “best [at] implementing the social doctrine of the Church.”

Archbishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo told this to the Spanish-language version of Vatican Insider, and the Catholic Herald translated his remarks.

Sorondo praised China as “extraordinary.”...

Well, they are "extraordinary" in the sense that the ChiComs have killed an enormous number of their own citizens, both pre- and post-birth.  They--in extraordinary fashion--outpaced both Hitler and Stalin.  So obviously, Sorondo is correct.  See??

And there's more!!

...“The economy does not dominate politics, as happens in the United States, something Americans themselves would say,” he said. “You do not have shantytowns, you do not have drugs, young people do not take drugs.”

China’s support of the globalist Paris Climate Agreement – a deal from which President Trump withdrew the United States – means it has assumed a “moral leadership that others have abandoned,” Sorondo said....

No shantytowns, no druggies.   Uh-huh.  If you say so, Excellency.  Let's ignore the shocking rise in elderly suicides because the elderly are not druggies and don't live in shanties--that you know of, anyway.

As to the 'moral leadership' on the environment, two things:  why are people in China's largest industrial cities wearing breathing masks?  And why is the Yangtze River the single largest source of plastic debris in the oceans?

This Bishop was appointed to his position by a Jesuit.  That is the takeaway here, people. 

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