Thursday, February 22, 2018

Broward LEO's Begin to Stink Like Democrats

Umhhhnnn, yah....

Apparently the armed deputy security guy went around the corner and hid rather than confront the shooter in Broward County.

Not to worry for him, though:  Deputy Girly-Boy will get his retirement pay.

The (Democrat) Sheriff is also covering his butt by initiating investigations of the deputies who went to the shooter's home THIRTY NINE TIMES but never found a reason to arrest and press for prosecution.

About 38 incidents late. 

But that's how (D) politicians roll.  Party, party, party, until the shit hits the fan, then point as many fingers as possible.  See:  Barret, Tom, lead poisoning.  See Baldwin, Tammy, Candy Land VA hospital.  See Clinton, Hillary:  everyone in the USA.

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