Sunday, February 11, 2018

Is Trump a Debt Drunk?

The recent "budget" deal was cooked up by Congress--which is to say, McConnell and Ryan--but Trump signed it.  He didn't have to sign it....

There will be a lot more US debt, with the most likely result being higher interest rates for the US and for its citizens.  There will be a lot more dead babies because Ryan (wink-wink) funded Planned Murder, again.  The Wall is gone, at least for this round.  We can go on; you know the story.

In real life, Donald Trump is a real estate developer and real estate developers live on debt.  They owe everybody something.  Many times the debts are paid, too.

Did The Donald bring his debt-drunk-developer persona to the Presidency?

If he did, we are in very deep doo-doo.  He's done a number of good things--so far.  But taking the USA into bankruptcy--well--that would obliterate any good that he's done, or COULD ever do.

Debt-drunks already hold a majority in Congress.  God help us if the President is another one.

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