Friday, February 16, 2018

Ululation and Weeping: NCR on Madison Diocese

Since H.E. Morlino has not moved an inch since the last full-out assault on his reign from the Nat'l "Catholic" Reporter, they decided to launch another one, this beginning in Platteville.

At the 4 p.m. Saturday Vigil Mass at St. Mary Church here, Fr. John Blewett recites the prayers with his back to the congregation. Only occasionally does he turn around to face the worshipers gathered on this typical Wisconsin winter afternoon of 9-degree temperatures.

Blewett is accompanied by three altar boys (the parish prohibits girls from serving). His hands are neatly folded in the formal prayer position. At Communion, there are no lay ministers to dispense the sacrament.....

You will note that the writer is a very clumsy propagandist.  His half-truths, distortions, and outright fables are easily discerned.  The NYSlimes wouldn't bother to invite him to take an entrance exam.  So he's wandering around Platteville, WI. in January.  (He didn't mention that Platteville is the home of a large University of Wisconsin campus, did he?  Think that makes a difference?)

There's even a list of peccata Morlinora!!

--Endorsed the diocesan chancery's letter to priests denying Catholic funeral rites to LGBT people;

Not quite.  UN-REPENTANT, ACTIVE LGBT's.   Perhaps NCR would give Hitler (a cradle Catholic) an RC funeral?

 --Recruited a cadre of young priests, particularly those from the Society of Jesus Christ the Priest, who embrace a return to pre-Vatican II liturgical practices;

OMG!  He went and got a bunch of PRIESTS--to make up for the horrific failure(s) of his predecessor Bishops to develop vocations.  This has the effect of keeping sacraments available to the Faithful.  Horrors!!

By the way, those priests use the Ordinary Form, as the reporter notes further down in his cri de coeur.

--Provided a diocesan home for Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, a blogger and frequent critic of Francis.

Anybody can make a mistake.

Recall my note about the population of Platteville?

...Many of the parishioners who were upset with the direction of the parish moved on to other congregations. Richard Wagner, a member of a local Presbyterian church, estimated that his congregation has brought in some 30 families who used to attend St. Mary.

Can you spell "indifferentism"?  Who catechized these people??

"They're not being fed," he said over lunch at a local restaurant, describing why some Catholics exited the parish. At St. Mary, "you have to eat Latin."

Typical snotty Prot, eh?

His wife, Kristie, raised a Catholic, is a Sunday school teacher at the Presbyterian church, assisting fellow teachers there in understanding the Catholic questions of some of the students.

Looks like Kristie is an apostate.  Why the Hell would anyone ask HER for 'understanding' of Catholic doctrine?

Other former St. Mary parishioners have landed at the local Methodist congregation....

See "indifferentism" above.

What H E Morlino has here is a heavy burden; he must go through the pain of being assaulted by twits like NCR writers and the far-left-of-center population of Dane County, Wisconsin, while he attempts to re-catechize nearly all of the Catholic population.  This, by the way, is hardly the only parish in that Diocese which is wallowing in semi-Catholicism.

Pray for Bp. Morlino and pray for his flock.

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