Monday, February 26, 2018

*Cough* We Were Right in '88

In 1988, we marched our chilluns to the airport to meet PJBuchanan's plane on one of his campaign trips to the Frozen North.

We had them carry signs:  "Right Thinking", "Right Order", "Right for America."

PJB, a Georgetown Prep and Georgetown U. grad, recognized the Thomistic code and flashed a very big grin at the kids. 

Later, we took some Boy Scouts to his rally as a color guard.

Thirty years later....

Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page agreed with Buchanan that the GOP on the issues of immigration, trade, and foreign wars had ditched the globalist policies of former President George W. Bush.   PAGE: First of all, congratulations Pat. As I’ve said before: the party of Trump is the party of Buchanan. Trump came into it without ideology. But when he does express it, he tends to lean toward Buchanan. I mean, you had the Buchanan fence, he’s got the wall....(Partial transcript from McLoughlin Group 2/25/2018)

Right thinking, right order, right for America's Great Again.

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