Friday, February 09, 2018

Rotten, Awful, No-Good McConnell Budget

Besides that, it's also terrible and (surprise!!) has a touch of corruption.

The Corrupt-O-Crats reared their ugly heads in the McConnell budget's tax provisions. 

"Say what?"  you say.  "We already HAD tax reform!!"

Yes, but not the right kind of tax reform, rube.  Corrupt-O-Crats want preferences!!

....Congress has now decided to resurrect dozens of expired tax preferences for favored industries. If they succeed in renewing the tax extenders, congressional Republicans will collectively trample on the success of their most impressive legislative achievement—true tax reform.

The extenders are largely a subsidy package for the energy industry. Two-thirds of the provisions are energy related. The current proposal would extend special credits to solar lighting systems, fuel cells, geothermal heat pumps, and small wind power, among others.

Also included in the list of things Congress wants to use your money to subsidize: biofuel, rum producers, private railroads, and nuclear power....

(If you notice a similarity to Walker's Diaper-Doings, you're perceptive....)

...The proposed tax extenders are primarily a government transfer to moneyed political interests, lacking the intended effect of incentivizing targeted investments....

As usual, McYertle came up with pure garbage larded with poop.  Let's hope that Sensenbrenner joins the fiscal conservatives here and shoves it right up McYertle's ass.

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