Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Jimbo Doyle Wants to Buy Your Love

Doyle, (D-Highest Bidder) continues to attempt the purchase of his election, this time with a proposal which makes sense, but ...

Gov. Jim Doyle said this morning that, if re-elected in November, he will propose letting Wisconsin residents claim a tax deduction for health-care premiums they pay their employers.

Later, it was estimated that this would decrease State revenues by about $50 million. Doyle's pig-painter, a fellow named Schmeidicke, said "Not to worry. We'll make up for it with 5%/year economic growth, or something."

Doyle DOES have a track record, of course:

"Governor Doyle vetoed efforts to make Health Savings Accounts tax free, he tried to put a new tax on health insurance and he even tried raising the bed tax on nursing homes," said Green, in the statement. "He's had four years of chances to make health care more affordable, but he did absolutely nothing. Actually, he made the situation even worse."

His first overt attempt to purchase votes was the ethanol-gas-price scam.

Well--as to purchasing loyalty, Jim can say, truthfully "It Works for ME!!"

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