Thursday, August 24, 2006

Obnoxious Crescendo of Unwanted Political Stuff

Must be an election coming, eh?

We got our first "push-poll" call from the Doylies about 10 days ago and mentioned it here.

Then it got worse, but it's not the Doylies any more. Now it's the Pubbies.

4-5 times/week I delete emails from a (R) candidate for a local office. I like the other guy; but even if I didn't, my preference would change based on the number of absolutely unwanted "press releases" and "endorsement" emails I'm now getting from this campaign.

THEN there are the tape-recorded phone calls. Hell, I had some fun with the push-poller, who at least was alive. No such luck with tape recordings. No sireee!!

Takes about .3 seconds for me to hang up after I figure out it's a tape and note the name of the candidate. (That's so I can make obnoxious hang-up calls to his/her home after the election.)

Maybe the Pubbies have so damn much campaign money that they can rent automated calling machinery and send endless email communications.

Boys, let me tell you: Money Can't Buy M(y) Love, and intrusions on my email account and/or telephone will buy you some spite.

Cut that crap OUT!

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