Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Election Board Slimes to Doyle's Tune

Here's the indictment of the Elections Board:

The board votes reversed a 2001 decision that allowed Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who was then a member of the House running for governor, to convert about $327,000 from his federal to his state account to help finance his campaign for governor. A complaint over Barrett's transfer of the $327,000 filed by the campaign of Jim Doyle, the then-attorney general who won the election, was dismissed by the board in 2001.

At that time, SlimeJim was just another hack pol.

It's also been reported that the Board's attorney adamantly opposed this decision. He's not long for that world, I would guess.

Living in the western suburbs, I thought I smelled something rotten earlier today. I was right.

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Billiam said...

Another salvo from the Pristine, Lily White, Never corrupt Democrat party. I'm not surprised at the hypocrites. No depth that they plunge to will ever surprise me. And they call the Republicans dirty? They should give lessons.