Sunday, August 20, 2006

"Family" Violence in Australia: Feminism's Arguments Destroyed

Well, there's no comparable US study that we know of...

But the numbers are interesting, especially given the post/comments below. Perhaps (underline perhaps) the figures are comparable to those in the USA.

  • Men are more than twice as likely as women to be the victims of violence and are being physically or sexually assaulted or threatened at the rate of up to 2 incidents per second

  • Women are not the victims of family (domestic) violence as often as the quoted 1 in 4, nor even 1 in 8, nor even 1 in 10, but actually 1 in 100

  • Women are not being raped every 26 seconds, nor even every 90 seconds, as feminists frequently claim, but are in fact experiencing sexual assault - not necessarily rape - including both reported and all unreported incidents, at a rate of less than 1 per 5 minutes. This is a rate 91% less than that which feminists have previously claimed

  • The ratio of female to male family (domestic) violence victims in a home is not 99:1, nor 9:1, nor even 5:1, but is actually closer to 2:1

Next time you read all about "victims," bear in mind that some of the numbers may just be exaggerated...


Billiam said...

No doubt. Unfortunately, we are populated by a majority of sheep in this country who just follow along without checking. I know this, as I am a recovering sheep. I used to be that way 20 years ago.

Amy said...

And every time a feminist claims rape, assault, or sexual harrassment it undermines the REAL cases of the aforementioned and makes it difficult for real victims to receive justice.