Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Feds Go Crazy

Raiding a Beauty School, for crying out loud:

A beautiful day in Scottsboro turned out to be a little less glamorous for the Gaither and Company Beauty College.

One student said she was in the middle of shampooing someone's hair when law enforcement barged in and served a search warrant.

"A frightening sight to see all these cars and suv's coming over here this morning and blocking everything off," says neighboring worker Cheryl Bankert.

Bankert watched from next-door to the building that law enforcement raided early Wednesday morning.

She watched people wearing guns and bullet proof vests wondering what happened.

Yah. AR-15's and Class III's to raid a Beauty College for Pell Grant fraud.

Hello!! Flies.....Sledgehammers.....Hello!!

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Kate said...

Our tax dollars at work!