Sunday, August 20, 2006

Nexus: Cdl. Bernardin

Exceptionally hot chapter excerpts from a forthcoming book.

We don't have to make the case that ordaining homosexuals is a bad idea. The Vatican already did, at least twice.

But since the instruction of the early 1960's was ignored, the Vatican put out a new one.

It remains to be seen whether the seminaries will actually obey.


Billiam said...

I doubt Rome will ever clean up the American Church. You?

Dad29 said...


There's no such thing as "clean," because there IS such a thing as "sin."

Rome can appoint 'good guys' who turn out to be not-so-good...and even if THEY are 'good guys' there will always be problems someplace, sometime, with priests, or laymen who abscond with the funds...

And on and on.

It's not so pretty in Europe; not so pretty in Africa; only places where it seems to be good are the places where being a Catholic can get you killed, or where you have to live like a worm.

I don't know if I like those choices, either.

Brother James said...

I think you hit on something there, Dad, as whoever gets appointed as a bishop, or cardinal, inevitably turns out to be a sinner. So are the rest of us. Wearing the collar doesn't make one holier, in fact, it's a big bulls-eye for Satan.
The Bishop of Rome can wield the Magisterium of the Church to proclaim the Gospel, but he cannot force anyone to comply.