Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kentucky Air Traffic Controller Did His Job

Spent a pleasant 90 minutes with Asian Badger yesterday during which he regaled me with tales of piloting aircraft. He's a qualified jet and prop guy, has flown all over the place...

The story about the Ky. ATC who "was doing paperwork" is unfair to the ATC, based on AB's testimony.

Evidently, once a plane is cleared for takeoff, the ATC has zero more responsibilities to that aircraft. None. Nada. Zip.

Right or wrong, that's the rule.


Anonymous said...

Does "cleared for takeoff" mean that the plane has clearance from ATC to take off on the correct runway?

Anonymous said...

Anonmymous...Yes, it's the pilot's job to be on the correct runway. In the case of the Comair flight, the tapes show that ATC cleared the plane to Rwy22 and the pilot ended up on 26.