Saturday, August 26, 2006

JS Editorial Board Agrees with Bucher

Another good catch by the GOP3:

The Legislature should criminalize the first offense for driving while intoxicated, now prosecuted under local ordinances rather than as a criminal violation. And it should give law enforcement the ability to operate sobriety checkpoints. JS Editorial 8/25/06

However, the use of security checkpoints is troubling. While they could be an effective tool to stop some drunken drivers, they represent a sledgehammer approach. JS Editorial from 2000

Did the editorial staff change its position because Kate Falk advocates "sobriety checkpoints"? Or because the JS editors have become closet Statists?

"Checkpoints" are the US equivalent of "Your Papers, Please" from certain countries now located on the ash-heap of history.

And Paul Bucher should re-think ANY position he shares with Kate Falk and the JS editors.

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