Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Nelson Endorses Profiling, Channel 4 Has Heart Attack

It's fun to watch the MSM and particularly to listen to their voices when a Congressional candidate actually Breaks The Taboo(!!!!) and endorses profiling.

Tonight at 6:00, Mike Jacobs got the assignment of recoiling in horror on relating the position of Paul Nelson (R), who is running for Congress in Wisconsin's 3rd District (Eau Claire area.)

What did this Ogre, this, this, Hate-Monger, Nelson, do?

He said that it's about damn time we start profiling air passengers for close inspections. Asked how he would determine someone's a Muslim, Nelson stated,

"Well, if he's wearing a turban and his name is Muhammad, that's a start!"

Nelson is a Realtor and ex-Marine.

Jacobs played his part well and following the MSM line, Channel 4's production crew supplied large-print graphics of the quotations from Nelson, highlighting them--better treatment than most statements from Tom Barrett, the Milk-Carton-Mayor receive from this station.

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Billiam said...

I like this guy! Send him! Send him!