Thursday, August 24, 2006

Blogroll Updates

Did some wholesale blogroll stuff today, removing a few inactives and inserting:

Fraley, a Pubbie shill-for-hire
BadgerBlogger, a Milwaukee observer
Grim's Hall, a philosophically-inclined military observer
P-Mac McIlheran, a JS writer who is conservative (!!!)
Random 10, a VERY perceptive science guy from Madistan
Shark & Shepherd, a Milwaukee high Anglican lawyer and prof
Spotted Horse, who can be even nastier than moi
Asian Badger, a pilot, humanitarian, investor, and generally boisterous character
The Other Side of My Mouth, a Brookfield lefty with children
Xoff--this is where you get the G-2 on the wacko Democrat fantasies
View from the Cheap Seats, the guy behind you in the VERY large truck
Vox Day, self-proclaimed to be a Christian Libertarian (it's a contradiction in terms, but...)
Cafeteria is Closed, a B-16 fan with really, really good pix and comments
Chesterton & Friends, where you can get ruminations on and about (and from) GKC
Ten Reasons, a Cincinnatti dad
The Truth of Things, a Green Bay thinker.

Pay a visit, comment, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I see no reason why one cannot be both Christian and libertarian. The only debate would be as to the interaction of two world views.

As for "contradiction in terms", back when I used to get my hair cut, it was by an Objectivist who maintained there was no such thing. I disagreed, offering a comparison of what was stated to me by the loan officer and what was written in the mortgage.

Dad29 said...

Umnnnhhh, when one peels back the Libertarian philosophy, one finds that it is atheist.

Doesn't mean that Libertarians cannot (or do not) operate from Christian principles; it simply means that one cannot be an atheist and a Christian simultaneously.

Dad29 said...

Mouthpiece happens to be an OLD term for lawyer--you might be insulted by that.

Flak sounds a bit other-worldly, as in intergalactic.

Hatchet? Please. Nothing but the gentle, unvarnished DIRT...

Operative, like Valerie Plame? No.

And I don't think of the SpiceBoyzzz as a role-model. I won't hold that against you.

Finally--you'll get two readers, MAYBE. I have three.

Billiam said...

Shucks, Dad. Thanks for the flowers!

Random10 said...

Hey Dad29 - Thanks! R10