Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wailing and Ululation from the Left: No Hispanic Voters Here!

Poooooooor ol' Watchdog.

Recent US census figures suggest that hispanics number nearly 100,000 in Milwaukee County but does this translate into real political influence?

If historical trends hold true, the answer is no.

Demographically speaking, hispanics areas of town show a more abysmal lack of interest in our political process than any other group.

...until I found out that less than 3000 bother to vote in any given Supervisory race and that's from a district that used to have nearly 40,000 constituents

It's entirely possible that the Hispanics in question fear showing up at any place where they might have to prove, ah, citizenship...which is NOT a requirement for marching up and down 6th Street.


Other Side said...

Response to last paragraph in post ...


I work part-time for extra cash at a local filling station. I have noticed that a local landscaping firm that has an account there seems to have fewer hispanic workers these days. Just saying ...

Fidei Defensor said...

Also I have a feeling Hispanic's aren't to enthusiastic to jump on the gay-marriage and abortion band wagon.