Friday, August 18, 2006

IslamoFascism and Abortionists: A Commonality


But another angle has presented itself in a stark way: the way that children pay the price for their mother’s mistakes. Obviously, we’ve seen over the last thirty years a lot of confusion over abortion—and defenders claim that it’s an essential choice which must be available for women who are faced with children they cannot raise. Or children who are ... inconvenient. Or who must be sacrificed for a Higher Cause.

Interestingly, this idea of sacrificing children to a noble cause is not only on the side of the “pro choice” movement in the West, but it’s to be found in the Islamic world as well. Many have seen the pictures of children dressed as suicide bombers, just as western children would dress as Woody or Spiderman. Trading cards with “martyr-heroes” are offered to children, and their neighbours who die in such circumstances are praised as virtuous.

And certain folks (employed by Planned Parenthood) ridiculed John Paul II for his use of the phrase "Culture of Death."

HT: Dom Bet, quoting Genevieve Kinecke


Anonymous said...

Dad, you ought to like the Islamo-fascists on the abortion question because they favor stoning the women and beheading the doctors.

By the way, J2P2 was against attacking Iraq. You warmongers on the right are the real culture of death.

Anonymous said...

Do you caucus with the heartless thugs at Pro-Life Wisconsin? Check out the survey they sent to legislators. They ask if people will oppose abortion in cases of rape, incest, AND when the mother is likely to die if the fetus is carried to term. Unless you say "no abortion under ANY circumstances" you don't get their endorsement.

Those folks are certifiably nuts.

What say you, Daddy-O?

Dad29 said...

Amazing what crawls out from under the rocks when someone hits the target, eh?

I don't know about beheading the doctors. I think electrocution is just fine, Amazon...

And anony: as a matter of fact, I am a supporter of ProLife-Wisconsin. How'd you EVER guess?

By the way, anony, you don't read very well. Better check ALL the text in the third instance you provide.

Let me know when you comprehend it.

Amy said...

Yeah. Because we've killed oh, 40 MILLION people in the past 30 years.

I don't know of any pro-lifer who favors stoning women and beheading the doctors. Putting their death mills out of business, yes. But beheading is purely an Islamo-fascist trademark.

I love how the "thugs" at "Pro-Life Wisconsin" are the heartless ones.

It's much easier to get rid of what the pro-abortion crowd calls a "clump of cells" than it is to stand up and give new life a chance. I can see how the pro-abortion crowd is SO much more compassionate. To everyone except the child.

And don't hand me the tripe about "saving the mother's life". Medical technology is so advanced that, in an overwhelming majority of situations, there is a favorable outcome for both mother and child (as in, BOTH live).

And Catholic teaching is clear that a life-saving medical procedure that indirectly causes a miscarriage is 1) necessary and 2)not abortion. So "saving the mother's life" is a complete non-argument.

However, it's much more convenient to jump on the "women will die in droves" bandwagon than it is to do the research.

As far as rape and incest, all I can say is: Is it the baby's fault? So then why should she be killed for something she had no control over?

If nothing else, anonymous, you've inspired me to send a donation to Pro-Life Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight: Dad29 rapes his daughter and she has to carry to term. One big happy family. Can't we all just get along?

You people are sick.

Amy said...

Yeah, anon. Because it's just that simplistic. There'd be no arrests, and forget the possibility of adoption, right?

Because it's much easier to murder the child (not to mention causing the mother continued physical and mental anguish).

We are not the sick ones, sir. It is those who feel life has no value, and that the unborn are better suited for medical experiements or the butcher block than life who are sick.

Dad29 said...

Anony--you spend far too much time watching television shows written by Drama Queens.

Do a little time in real life; buy one if necessary.

Anonymous said...

Again, the woman is raped and she has to carry the baby to term? Heartless, heartless, heartless.

Dad29 said...

No, not "heartless."

But you've convinced yourself that it's so.

Are you a female "anonoymous"? Or did you just read this in the propaganda someplace?

Anonymous said...

Only a man -- and a pretty dense one at that -- would regard such a situation so cavalierly. I pray for your children.

Dad29 said...

There's nothing like the smug sanctimony of one who condones killing the innocent.

So once again, tell me: exactly how do you differ from the IslamoFascists?

Amy said...

On I pray for your children.

At least we'll HAVE children to pray for. I, on the other hand, will pray for the millions of unborn that will never see the light of this world.

Did you know that men - ages 18 to 34 (approx.) - are the biggest supporters of abortion? For women who cry "equality" and demand they be equals with men, this is pretty telling. In short, this tells me that such men are willing to use women for their needs and expect that it's okay for the woman to deal with the consequences via abortion (thus adding further physical and emotional stress to the woman).

These men are not dense. They are cruel. It is the women who support abortion as their "medical right" who have been hoodwinked by the Culture of Death.

Anonymous said...

Reading your rantings it would appear that you view "smug sanctimony" as a virtue and not a vice. It would appear to be one of your bedrock principles.

Dad29 said...

Ahhh...the argumentation of the Left: ad hominem...

Nothing like exposing your mental capacity for all to see, anony.

Anonymous said...

The wise man is never as sure of anything as the fool is of everything. That's you in a nutshell, of great one -- and I do mean "nut."