Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Colbert & Stewart

Actually, these guys do very well together.

Haven't figured out how to get UTube to post here, so you'll have to go there.

HT The Jester/American Papist


Amy said...

That was a hilarious segment.

He lost to Barry Manilow...can't blame him for feeling a little...down.

I like Colbert more and more every time I read/hear something about him.

Jeff Miller said...

The intro by Conan Obrien was idiotic with another dumb swipe at Fox news as being fake news.

Hello NYT and Jayson Blair, Reuters and AP photos, CBS memos etc. Humor is funny when it has a truthful zing and it just shows the level of Hollywood types for what they recognize as truth.

Though I guess if Conan Obrien had said Reuters they wouldn't have gotten the allusion anyway.

M.Z. said...

I think Steven Colbert is experiencing the Archie Bunker effect. Like Archie Bunker, he show was intended to be satire, but it turns out quite a few people agree with the satire.