Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ted Stevens: Porky Pig AND Jackass

It's quite a combination, no?

Sen. Coburn of Oklahoma has co-sponsored a bill requiring that all "earmarks" be placed online for review by everybody in the country who is interested.

Ted Stevens (R-PigMaster) doesn't like this concept at all.

When someone placed a "hold" on Coburn's bill, they did it secretly. Most of us sorta-kinda KNEW it was PigMaster--but Coburn finally spilled the beans:

One of the senators most criticized for his personal projects, Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, has a hold of his own on Coburn’s bill to make public the spending patterns of the government. Called the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act, the legislation calls for the creation of a database open to the public where citizens can track government spending.

“He’s the only senator blocking it,” Coburn said of Stevens

But did he really do it? Well, he had a motive: As the paper and others have noted, Stevens and Coburn have clashed before -- in particular over Stevens' now-legendary "bridge to nowhere." Coburn attempted (and failed) to block the $233 million boondoggle. And revenge certainly fits the senior Alaskan's m.o. "Stevens can play rough," the Seattle Times noted in June. "Despite denials from his staff, he retaliates - and doesn't mind waiting years to do so."

Frankly, this behavior by Stevens also cost the VA a few million dollars for brain-injury treatment problems earlier this year. Stevens didn't like the sponsor of the earmark.

Stevens should be a target of rotten apples and other stinking vegetables when/if he ever shows up in Wisconsin. He's exactly the model of politician who is MOST vile: petty, arrogant, vengeful, and gives not a damn for the good of the Country.

Screw him.

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Anonymous said...

It's hard to imagine that this chump thought he could hide indefinitely. Blinding arrogance defined.

Dad29 said...

Our problem is that he gets re-elected indefinitely...

Anonymous said...

To the readers of this: NOT EVERYONE in Alaska holds (R PigMaster) near and dear! His son was a State Senator and was referred to as "Senator PUKE". Rumor has it that he will repalce another "great" statesman, Donny Young before the November Elections, as Donny wasn't able to get his son-in-law elected to the State House. Lord helps us all if this should happen!

Dad29 said...

Yah, hey! Greetings!!

Also note that you managed to get rid of another cancer, Murkowski.

Maybe you'll dump his darling daughter next time around.

We understand corruption here: we have Governor (Steal the Election, Buy the Votes) Jim Doyle to be ashamed of...

USMC 9971 said...

There's an update on this one: Senator Byrd also had placed a hold on S. 2590.