Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wacko in LaCrosse Diocese

LaCrosse Diocese has a little problem:

Fr. Tom Zelinski is a native of Menasha, Wisconsin. He has been a priest for 34 years. He has served on the staff of three different retreat centers for a total of 17 years, including 8 years earlier here at St. Anthony's. He has also served several years in a parish. He has also worked in formation work with younger members of the Capuchin Order as well as in high school campus ministry at St. Lawrence Seminary, Mt. Calvary, Wis. He serves at St. Anthony's as part of the preaching staff, in private spiritual direction, in helping at nearby parishes, and in "hosting," that is, connecting with the various groups who make use of St. Anthony's facilities.

Father Tom is a writer:

...In my church, we simply don’t ordain women ...yet. Theological reasons are given, even though women do much of the heavy lifting in many ministries.

One wonders what lies behind “theology” in both Roman Catholic and Protestant churches when it comes to our attitudes toward women.

At issue may be some deeply ingrained feelings about what women can and can’t do — even when many women do it very well, as in preaching, doing pastoral work, administering large organizations.

I often wonder why some women themselves do not accept women in pastoral leadership. Is this some sort of strange jealousy or envy? And for men, various sorts of the “old boy” network go on and on.

But any of us who apply the term “Christian” to ourselves ought to do some soul-searching about how Christian we really are in our thoughts and feelings about our sisters in Christ.

(Rev.) Tom ZelinskiMarathon, Wis., Aug. 26, 2006

The writer is a Capuchin priest.

Fr. Tom spews this stuff here: St. Anthony Retreat Center

HT: The Cafeteria Is Closed

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Fidei Defensor said...

Untill receently LaCrosse Diocese had Bishop Burke who would for sure bring the hammer down on this stuff. This priest is prbly testing the waters with the new Bishop, Lasteki, but Lasteki is a Polish-American, retired army Colonel from Chicago who has critized cafeteria Catholics for not going to confession, not kneeling at communion, and nuns for not wearing habbits, etc. No push over for sure!