Saturday, August 19, 2006

$5 Million to Fix the Crime Lab Backlog?

Norm Gahn is a highly-experienced and eminently sensible fellow who works as a lead prosecutor in the Milwaukee DA's office. Norm is also a leader in the utilization of technology in criminal prosecutions, particularly sex crimes.

Here's an interesting quote from Norm about the current DNA brouhaha:

"If you wanted to solve this problem, everybody in the state of Wisconsin should petition the state Legislature this afternoon and ask them to allocate $3 million in emergency funds directed at outsourcing our backlog at the crime lab," Gahn said. "and allocate another $2 million in January to take care of all the cases that would come in until then and seriously take a look at expansion of our crime lab. . . .

"But unfortunately, I think the people in the state of Wisconsin are asking for something that they'll be unwilling to pay for."

$5 MILLION??? That's all??? Do you mean to tell me that Peg 'The Keg' couldn't re-direct $5 million to this??

I think Norm is wrong about the mood of Wisconsin citizens. But that's easy to remedy.

What's also easy will be to remedy the Doyle/Lautenschlaeger mismanagement of the State Crime Lab.

It's called The Election.

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steveegg said...

But if Keg did that, she couldn't do a couple of frivolous lawsuits like the abortion-pill-on-store-shelves one. Lieberals do have their "priorties", after all (and it's our job to make sure they can't act on them).