Saturday, August 19, 2006

Non-Predatory Mortgages for Illegals

Both Guaranty Bank and Mitchell Bank now offer State of Wisconsin-backed mortgages for illegals.

So what's this from Jessica's mailbox?

We have advocated against predatory lending to come up with a bank funded criteria ($750 Billion commitment) of No Money Down, No Closing Cost or Fees (absorbed by the bank), No Perfect Credit Required and a One Percent (1%) Below Market Interest Rate (today's rate 5.625% for 30yr fixed with no PMI). We are the only non-profit housing services agency that does ITIN lending for immigrants without social security numbers. We have been in the City of Milwaukee, WI for three years and looking for an opportunity to spread the word about the most affordable mortgage in America

Mitchell Bank, Predator? Guaranty Bank, Predator? State of Wisconsin, Predator?

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