Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pork-Busting Bill "On Hold"

The US Senate version of a sunshine law has been placed "on hold" by an Anonymous Senator:

...In order to really blow the lid off of pork, we need to have an interactive database like this that covers the entire federal budget. Senators Tom Coburn and Barack Obama have proposed just that solution in S 2590, which came out of committee last month. However, we have discovered that at least one Senator has placed an anonymous hold on 2590, attempting to spike the bill before it comes up for a vote. We need to get every Senator on the record as to whether they placed the hold on the legislation. Call your Senator and get an answer, then leave your notes in the comments section here. Let them know that we're watching.

Couldn't be Ted Stevens (R-PigMaster) could it?

HT: Captain's Quarters

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