Thursday, August 17, 2006

Peg "The Keg": DNA Testing Program No Big Deal

While "Keg" Lautenschlaeger finds all kinds of budget dollars to harass and prosecute cranberry bog owners, and to sue the Feds to make babykilling chemicals available at Target (just like aspirin) other functions at the State DOJ remain, ah, undone.

Take criminal DNA testing, for example.

Assistant District Attorney Jeffrey Greipp, who took over the prosecution of the sexual assault case after the previous prosecutor, Jane Carroll, was elected judge, said the crime lab has a backlog of DNA evidence waiting to be tested.

"Frankly, they have a right to be frustrated, they really do," Greipp said of the victims of Bolden's crimes. "It's not anyone's fault from working on it (badly). It's just a legitimate major problem right now in the system."

Greipp added that similar delays have plagued matters besides Bolden's.

"We have a lot of cases that we want to issue," he said, "but it's completely dependent upon DNA."

While the JSOnline story does not say so, it is clear that The Keg's budgeting priorities are simply ridiculous. Her political and social-crusades are sucking up budget dollars which SHOULD be spent on the equipment and personnel necessary to put rapists and killers behind bars.

This is another Peg Problem for which there IS a "cure." It's called Throw Her Ass OUT!

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