Thursday, August 17, 2006

The End of the NYTimes?

Apparently there are some serious discussions afoot.

The state of affairs aboard the New York Times must truly be grim, considering that the paper's liberal elite colleagues at Vanity Fair are already writing its obituary.

Detailing the "crisis of confidence" at the Times, Michael Wolff points out that it has become "a liberal caricature" that makes an easy punching bag for the Bush Administration.

But that's just the political stuff, which (sadly) is not of any consequence. Here's the good stuff:

Wolff's prognosis is dire. First come the layoffs, then more restiveness on the part of board members,

followed by little changes in the nature of control, and then asset sales, and lots of secret meetings among family members on the subject of what to do about Arthur, and then a plan afoot to take the title of publisher from him, and on and on … until … the powers that be face the dreadful discrepancy between the declining fortunes of business as usual and a more probable upside of dismantling, selling, and letting the market have its certain way.

Summarily, it's all about the money...

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