Thursday, August 24, 2006

Abp. Dolan, Un-Gloved, Smacks Maguire

When he wants to, His Grace can slap the snot out of the bad guy.

As the bishop of the archdiocese where you reside, I am obliged to reply to your circular form-letter, sent to the bishops of the country on June 19, 2006.

The opinions expressed in the two pamphlets enclosed in that correspondence are totally at odds with clear Church teaching. Sacred Scripture, the Magisterium, and Natural Law are consistent in opposition to abortion and so-called same-sex marriage.

You speak of your duty to dissent. Well, at least call it such. To claim that support for abortion and same-sex “marriage” is consonant with Catholic moral teaching is preposterous and disingenuous.

I, too, have a duty: to teach what the Church clearly believes. Your opinion on these two matters is contrary to the faith and morals of the Church.

It's almost an insult to your intelligence to say so, but the recipient of this missive was none other than the Cancer of Marquette, Dan Maguire.



Billiam said...

As we both know, it will do no good. From what you've posted in the past, I take it this Maguire guy won't be put off by something so slight as facts.

Karen Marie said...

Fortunately, every Catholic who reads knows that he's a flake. When I was studying theology at MU back in the 70s, he was already known as tenured bad news. Just if he'd do something outrageous --- maybe grope an undergraduate in Boston Store's window or suchlike --- so his tenure could get pulled; but he's too savvy for that.

Dad29 said...

Mark this day--KM and I agree.

And by the way, KM, he's done his share of 'groping.' It wasn't illegal, unfortunately, although with today's legal climate it might be were he to repeat it.

Brother James said...

"Oh please, your Excellency, be charitable and look the other way as the rest of your brother bishops are doing.."

C'mon guys, let's start protecting the sheep from the wolves. Their numbers have grown, and they've gotten terribly bold in tha face of passive shepherds.

Dad29 said...


In this case, Abp Dolan did what he shoulda done--except it's really private correspondence, not published in the local Catholic paper.

If you follow through on the links in the original blog (Triumvirate) you'll see Cancer Dan's snotty return letter to Dolan.

Frankly, I'd smack the sucker with the butt of my Dan Wesson .357, hard.

Karen Marie said...

The substance of the letter leads off +Timothy's column in yesterday's Catholic Herald, so it's not quite entirely private.