Sunday, January 29, 2006

We Are NOT Number One

For what we spend on our Legislators and Governors, University administrators, City, Town, Village, and County leaders, and Sewerage, Water, Stadium, and Regional Planning Commissions, Cooperative Educational District administrators and Local School bureaucracies, you'd think those bozos would be able to find a way to make Wisconsin the NATIONAL LEADER in state/local tax burden.


The best they can achieve is #3. I mean, Vince Lombardi never even SPIT on #3.

What the Hell kind of governance are we buying here? A bunch of LOSERS. Perennial ne'er-do-wells. Not even bridesmaids. Can't make "second-rate," even with help from Adelman Travel, WEAC, the Tribes, Roadbuilders, General Contractors, PI scumsuckers, Utilities, and AFSCME, to boot.

Time to throw out these failures and elect a Government that will be Number One! You know, people with VISION!! People who understand that the taxpayers are NOT entitled to that spare change left in their pockets!

As Senator Risser said--the Legislature wastes time debating God-given rights, instead of really important stuff like a War on Poverty, or a Great Leap Forward, and like that, hey.

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