Saturday, January 07, 2006

DeLay Out?

Rumors in the American Spectator blog persist to the effect that Tom DeLay will be tossed out in a Pubbie leadership election upcoming by the end of the month.

Look to Roy Blunt, Dave Drier, or (this would be REALLY great!) Mike Pence of Indiana.

Although the Left/MSM axis will never wrap their 'minds' around this, it's not really DeLay's alleged improprieties.

It's DeLay's willingness to sacrifice principles. His most infamous statement (to real conservatives) was the remark to the effect that 'there's nothing left to cut' in the most pork-laden Budget ever passed by Congress (in reference to finding $60 billion for Katrina damages.)

Only a few years ago, DeLay's spending of taxpayer dollars would have earned him a Hero of the Republic award from the Left. But since DeLay is a brutal enforcer and was willing to make enemies on the Left, he's been tossed overboard by the Spending Constituency.

And maybe by sensible Conservatives, too.

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