Monday, January 09, 2006

Abramoff Just the Canary?


Yeah, DeLay dropped out, alright. Seems that a story broke on Saturday in DC--$1 million into a DeLay-related entity:

the signers of the check were a pair of Russian oil executives with ties to Abramoff. After the check landed, DeLay led the charge to reimburse the International Monetary Fund for a bailout of Russia, an unfamiliar front for a right-wing Texas Republican to be fighting on.

Here's the problem:

...what the Abramoff story is all about is the pandemic and endemic corruption of an imperial capital that spends one in every five dollars of an economy of $12.5 trillion and holds the power to reward, punish, tax and destroy. Honey attracts flies.

To influence the 535 members who decide where the trillions are spent and how the power is used, 35,000 lobbyists prowl the halls of the Senate and House office buildings and Capitol.

Yeah. While Abramoff spent more on Pubbies than Democrats, that merely reflected the balance of power in Congress. And Abramoff is only the beginning. NEA expenditures (WEAC here in Wisconsin) will be just as interesting.

Frankly, the "he's OUR s.o.b." defense doesn't cut it with me, nor anyone else with common sense.

How much room is left in Leavenworth?

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