Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tech College Boards, Taxes, and Elections

Rep. Jensen (R-Brookfield) indicates that he will not support AB 603 (which would require that tax-levying Boards be elected.)

Jensen prefers to subject Tech College levies to the approval of each County Board within the Tech College's district.

Jensen is concerned that a teachers' union will see to favorable election results should the Boards be elected.

Frankly, Rep. Jensen's idea is screwy. Stark, raving, fear of teachers' unions should NOT drive legislation. The public interest should drive legislation.

Tech College boards can be replaced, if elected. Requiring 2, 3, or 6 County Boards to approve a levy strikes me as inherently un-workable.


M.Z. said...

I think that moves closer to a solution. I agree with the opinion that another elected board is not desirable. Participation rates are already low for many office elections. This allows minority interests groups to assert greater control, such as teachers.

That said, I think this isn't the solution. Why not just make technical colleges an appendage of the counties they reside? Move subsidization directly to students so that under proper management, the tech colleges wouldn't be a net cost to the counties.

Dad29 said...

Unfortunately, the power to tax must be restricted to elected individuals--or we will have abandoned one of the principles over which we tossed the Redcoats outta here, right?

But attaching a tuition-credit to students is interesting. Very interesting.