Saturday, January 07, 2006

It's NOT Just the Money, Lee

Milwaukee County's ethically-challenged County Board Chair, Lee Holloway, has stated that he's 'willing to return the money' he obtained from the now-defunct OIC for a building he sold to them.

Holloway got $65K in purchase money but never completed the transfer of title. He also got $100K in rental income from OIC, although they never occupied the building.

Now Holloway and his lawyer seem to think that writing a check for the money will make it all go away.

They are STILL fighting the subpeona for all of Holloway's financial records, however.

Makes one think that there's a lot more interesting stuff buried in those records, eh? If he's willing to pay $165K to stop the investigation, perhaps that's his "least-cost" option.


Anonymous said...

Detroit has a mayor who thinks that all he has to do is write a check to cover the illegal use of taxpayer's money (parties, strip clubs, S.U.V's, wife's vanity etc.)and it will all be made right.
And apparently Detroiters agree.

Things sure do go away fast there in Detroit. I have to guess it's the mentality (or the lack of)of the residents of Detroit. They get what they deserve.

Too bad any city's or townships within a 30 mile radius of Detroit also suffer the consequences of whatever stupidity comes from there.

Dad29 said...

Here, there's a Federal investigation run by the US Attorney--it won't "go away" too fast.

OTOH, it's clear that major US cities are in a dangerous state--run by a group of looters in many cases, causing significant erosion.