Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bush Impeached? Iran Nukes Israel?

The "I" word has been tossed around in Congress lately, largely by the Usual Suspects, who are suffering from dissociative disorders--that is, they are not in touch with real people, nor with Planet Earth.

It IS unusual, however, to see the "I" word used by a conservative, even in a hypothetical:

President Bush is certainly cognizant of these circumstances, and yet he is constrained by politics to effectively act to address them. He knows that if the Democrats win control of the House and Senate this year, he and VP Cheney WILL be impeached AND convicted. The nice thing about impeachment is that it is not so much a legal proceeding as it is a popularity contest. Whatever “evidence” of high crimes and misdemeanors the Dems decide to throw up against the wall is of little consequence compared to how many votes Nancy and Dirty Harry can muster.

Heidt, who is "Froggy," places this nightmare scenario in an entry dealing with the oncoming-train-in-a-tunnel problem of Iranian nukes.

He's a bit more pessimistic than he needs to be, because the Pelosi/Murtha axis of dipwads does not have the confidence of the American population. It's clear that we are comfortable with GWB's posture on defense of the US.

On the other hand, it is NOT so clear that the American public is ready for another pre-emptive strike in the Middle East, particularly against a country which has not directly threatened the US. The deranged criminal currently running Iran has been smart enough to limit his nuke-rattling to targeting Israel.

Froggy's column provides some interesting and informed military smarts on the Iran issue. It's worth a read.

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