Saturday, January 14, 2006

Oooohhhhh, Owen!

You give.... (pant, breathe) SUCH ....pant, sweat.....GOOD SPEECH!!

That's true, folks. He knows the rules of rhetoric and uses 'em.

Balance of the observations:

The Buchers' baby is really cute. Not Paul's fault.

J. B. Van Hollen is a hell of a shooter. Put a lot of lead through the silhouette.

Zien is really a character.

The Madison Conservative-Radio-Babette is slightly wacky.

Walker has excellent stage presence.

Green can't seem to find Milwaukee. I know there are maps--Zien hands them out like candy.

It's not PC to slam John (I'M CAMPAIGNING FOR CONGRESS) Gard in Republican company.

When you go to a shooting range, take along a couple of daughters. Gets you free use of an AR-15.

Kleismet is paripatetic at CRG events. In a 100' room, I'll bet he put on 4 miles in 30 minutes.

The best brains around counted 'em up. There are 6 known conservatives who live in Madison.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dad:

Just part of my fitness regimen! For the record, I think my pedometer logged-in at 3.89 miles. And how 'bout that Owen. WOW! Ya can't get passion like that in print!


Chris Kliesmet

Anonymous said...

Where was Green?