Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Recess Supervisor Analysis is Interesing

...but flawed.

The RS, a very interesting blog-voice, takes the 'third way' position regarding the exodus of Wisconsin money and higher-income people.

Some bloggers state that it's a tax problem, but conveniently forget who was the Governor during the period in question (the late 1990's.)

RS, on the other hand, states that it's not a 'tax problem,' but rather a 'social problem:' Wisconsin is a socio/cultural wasteland which is simply not attractive to young college grads.

Yeah--but--25-year-old college grads didn't take all the Net Worth with them; if anything, they took their degrees and higher-than-average incomes...but not the Net Worth numbers we saw in the study.

The net-worth crowd, by and large, left for two reasons: taxes and warmth.

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