Friday, January 06, 2006

Fr. Richard McBrien Gets Huffy

Fr. Richard McBrien, the semi-Catholic priest whose "Catechism" was slammed by Rome and who is a Fave of the Rich/Powerful crowd (translate: Catholics-In-Name-Only who happen to have political or financial power) has discovered The Internet!!!

Specifically, BLOGS!!!

What has changed on the ecclesiastical and political fronts over the past decade is the broad accessibility of the Internet. With it has come a new capacity of individuals, who could never be published by reputable newspapers and magazines, to gain an audience via personal blogs and to attract the attention even of the mainstream media, which are always interested in controversy, especially of the man-bites-dog variety.

Note that bloggers "...could never be published by reputable newspapers and magazines..." are the enemy.

Leaving aside the fact that reputable CATHOLIC newspapers and magazines would not publish McBrien's pompous drivel, nor his mal-formed "Catholic" moral theology--what makes Tricky Dick think that reputable bloggers want publication in such Luminous Gray Ladies as the NYSlimes, or Newsweek? Or for that matter, the Catholic Herald of Milwaukee--still attempting to achieve a paid circulation equal to 1/40th the number of Catholics in the Archdiocese?

Yes, Father, things changed. You can no longer wander about spreading your snide and smarmy remarks un-challenged. You can no longer edify the Faithful in many US Dioceses with half-truths without challenge from people who, frankly, are tired of your very rusty "cutting edge."

HT: Amy Welborn

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