Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cheery News on Iran

From the American Spectator blog, (and NOT really cheery...)

Iran’s confrontation with the IAEA over the Natanz nuclear fuel facility has triggered a genuine crisis in the European Union -- a war-worrying, back-stabbing, bush-whacking, America-launch-on-warning crisis. Daniel Dombey, the Financial Times diplomatic correspondent at Brussels, told me last night that the definition of a crisis is when there is no acceptable solution. EU Foreign Secretary Javier Solana is talking like a Texas cowboy. Line in the sand. Britain’s Straw, Germany’s Steinmeyer, France’s Douste-Blazy, meeting in heated, whispery emergency session in this news cycle, have declared talks with Iran at a “dead end.” Russia also shows profound frustration and confusion with Iran’s adamancy, and the opaque RU foreign secretary Lavrov has signaled support for the EU crowd’s aim to refer Iran to the UN Security Council.


Many sources confirm that Natanz contains a secret underground facility with a cascade of centrifuges capable of manufacturing 90% enriched fissile material. Many sources confirm that Iran has the capability of a multistage ballistic missile. Many sources confirm that Iran has the plans and intention to miniaturize a nuclear warhead for a ballistic missile.


The numbers tell the tale succinctly: light sweet crude neared $65 per barrel in New York, entirely on the Iran nuke news. And in the event of any retaliation by Iran to an economic sanction or the eventual logical scenario of a blockade, a barrel of light sweet crude has no calculable price at this time.

When the Russkis, Germans, Frogs, and the Brits all get together and are seriously concerned it may not be very pretty.

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