Friday, January 06, 2006

Wally World and China

There's a lot of piffle going on about WalMart. Unions are screaming bloody murder about them; "conservatives" are lining up to support WM--but this is the first time I've seen a really COGENT argument that WallyWorld has a problematic relationship in its friendship with PRChina:

You are out for a walk with your pregnant wife and two-year old daughter, when a carload of government thugs pulls up. They smash you in the face, bundle your screaming wife into the car and speed away leaving you holding your sobbing two-year old.The next morning, your wife staggers home - bleeding from being held down in an abortion clinic where government doctors ripped your child from her womb.

Welcome to Family Planning in Communist China.

But things aren't all doom and gloom in Communist China...Walmart-China is celebrating its 9th anniversary of closely working with the Communist Chinese Government to bring the Walmart experience to the working proletariat masses. In 2005, as part of Walmart-China's concern for the community, the year's theme was "Healthy & Protecting Your Rights".

Microsoft, GM, and WallyWorld are the three most visible US-headquartered co-operators with the PRChina government. We suggest that these organizations are deliberately ignoring PRChina's horrendous record on "one-child families," not to mention its persecution of Catholics and political dissidents.

It's not exactly "co-operation" with PRChina's Ruling Families. But it smells bad.

Really bad.

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LB said...

Hello Dad29

You bet... it sure does smell bad - and some of the stories coming out of Communist China sound like they were written for The Twilight Zone.

For instance... Communist China sells body parts and whole bodies of executed prisoners for various purposes.

Stay with me here... the supporting links, including links to US Congressional Reports follow...

So... back to the body parts... China actually tests prisoners for body parts donor suitability prior to imposing the death sentence.

Got that? If we have a buyer for that kidney - death sentence. No buyer? Prison or keep you around until we find a buyer.

Tough to believe, but the evidence is all there and corroborated a dozen different ways.

The traveling BodyWorlds Show now at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto Canada?... Oh... they had this little problem when the show was in England... seems some of the exhibits had bullet holes in the skull. And when the show got to Germany, it turned out that some of the bodies had been stolen - with the relatives given cremated ashes of unknown bodies.

So... here are some links...

My original Walmart Post (your link seems broken)

Executed Chinese in Toronto Body Worlds Show?

Majority of Organ Donors Executed: Chinese Govt Official

More Executed Chinese Bodies on Display - New York This Time

101 Uses For An Executed Chinese

This last link concerns this...

"A Chinese cosmetics company is using skin harvested from the corpses of executed convicts to manufacture beauty products."

I wonder if WalMart will sell the cosmetics?

Dad29 said...

Link fixed, thanks!