Friday, January 13, 2006

How To Be, ahhhh, Shady?

The VERY last paragraph of the JSOnline story which announces Foti's plea agreement:

This week, Jensen's attorney entered as evidence sections of a book, "The Art of Legislative Politics," written by former Assembly Speaker Tom Loftus (D-Sun Prairie), who led the Assembly from 1983 until 1991. The pages document fund raising and other practices by Loftus, who wrote that it was the obligation of Assembly speakers to act to keep their party in power.

Frankly, we don't really care that Tom Loftus (D-Sleaze) wrote the book on how to game the system for the benefit of the Sleaze Party. "He Did It TOO," Bart Simpson-type arguments don't cut it, although it is interesting that no Democrat DA in Dane County ever found this material to be interesting.

It's perfectly clear that the Common Good is a distant second for a lot of Legislators.

In cases where that can be proven, toss them out.

As to Foti: he'll continue to lurk about under the Dome:

After leaving the Legislature in January 2005, he became a Capitol lobbyist, and he now has nine clients, including Miller Brewing Co.

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