Thursday, January 26, 2006

George Weigel Warns...

Recalling the "Truce of 1968," Fr. Richard Neuhaus calls attention to George Weigel's piece opining that the leftist opposition to the ban on ordination of homosexuals could have VERY long-term debilitating results. In comparing it to the "cave-in" by Rome over the Humanae Vitae (birth control) encyclical, Weigel makes good points:

Whatever the intentions of those who negotiated the Truce of 1968, the net result of this remarkable episode was to promote intellectual, moral, and disciplinary disorder in the Catholic Church in the United States. The lesson learned was that rejecting moral doctrines solemnly proclaimed by the Church’s teaching authority was, essentially, penalty-free. Obedience to what the Church taught to be the truth, and obedience to legitimate ecclesiastical superiors, were now, somehow, optional. That disorder and indiscipline followed should not have been surprising.

It's also worth noting that this comment is almost a year old. Albeit the left's screeching has diminished, it is understood that they will (or have already) dig in, keep quiet about it, and do what they damn well please.

Since the left occupies a hefty percentage of Diocesan/seminary bureaucracy, we'll only know about "obedience" to the mandate after a few more years.


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