Thursday, January 19, 2006

Barrett Report: It Could Be Told

After $23 million in investigative expenses, the Barrett Report has emerged--minus 120 of its 400 pages due to the rulings of three Federal judges: David Sentelle (D.C.), Thomas Reavley (Texas) and Peter Fay (Florida).

The report details how the IRS in Washington interfered with and squelched prosecution of Henry Cisneros for various illegal activities. We hardly need mention that Bill Clinton and the Hildebeeste were "co-Presidents" at the time, do we?

In any case, Bob Novak reports that while Barrett himself cannot reveal the contents of the 120 pages which are missing (he'd be penalized for contempt), ANY Congressman or Senator who chooses to read the report and divulge its contents, including the 120 pages, can do so without fear of penalty.

Let's not discuss "contempt of court" too much. It's too easy. Rather, let's find a Congressman who thinks that the American public deserves its $23MM's worth--in full.

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