Sunday, January 29, 2006

Texas Hold'em Gets It

In a very well-written essay, Pete sounds the warning: the McCainiacs/Feingoldistas will, if they can, obviate the First Amendment's "free speech" clause.

They have already derogated from the concept with their ridiculous, self-serving, and labrynthine "reforms," which have squelched Wisconsin Right-to-Life (among others) and which may generate a fair amount of lawsuits beginning in September of this year, when the "60-day period of omerta" kicks in prior to the November elections.

Pete points out that it's not just Rush, Da Godfoddah, and Belling which will be targets; it's bloggers who have opinions, as well. (See the right-hand column on this blog for a convenient list of targets.)

More can be found here.

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The Badgerland Conservative said...

Just add your links to the bottom of my post. I see you found the Brian Anderson article as well. He wrote a variation of it in the Wall Street Journal last Wednesday.