Thursday, January 19, 2006

BodySlam to Jimbo (D-WEAC)

Heard the spot on Da Godfodda's show. Powerful, compelling, and dead-on. Mykel and Charlie (and the whole CAST, including the singers!!!) deserve accolades. Faubus-Wallace-Doyle. Linear descent?

Doyle has already conveyed legal-action threats to Sykes for running the spot. Doyle's father, a Federal judge of good repute, is now smoking up the graveyard with his RPM's, spinning in his grave. It's a shame that the old man's name will forever be sullied by his familial association, eh?

Da Godfoddah, however, may actually wind up spending a few bucks on counsel, as was pointed out below (here's the pertinent extract:)

The Left has also begun to use campaign-finance reform—not McCain-Feingold but equally onerous state regulations—to try to shush political talk radio. Wilbur’s and Carlson’s on-air commentaries [Washington State] were “in-kind contributions” and that the anti-tax campaign had failed to report them to the proper state authorities. The suit sought to stop NNGT from accepting any more of these “contributions” until it disclosed their worth—though how the initiative’s organizers could control media discussions or calculate their monetary value remained unclear. The complaint also socked NNGT with civil penalties, attorneys’ fees and costs, and other damages. Even more offensively, to litigate the suit the politicians hired a private law firm, Foster Pepper & Shefelman, which serves as bond counsel to Washington State. The firm, which represents unions, hospitals, and retirement funds among its other clients, could thus clean up from the state’s plan to sell gas-tax-backed bonds. Appearance of corruption, anyone?

The real target of the suit was clearly Wilbur and Carlson, or, more accurately, their corporate employer, Fisher Communications.

McCain-Feingold could definitely be used in the same fashion,” Mauer tells me. “In fact, the prosecutors in this case say McCain-Feingold permits them to do this. But pretty much any state that has campaign-finance laws that restrict contributions is subject to this abuse, too.”

Frankly, if Jimbo & Co. (which includes Crybaby Christofferson) proceed with suit, it's likely to be one of the last actions he takes as Governor of Wisconsin. His dis-election will follow promptly.

Orval, George, and Jim.
Schoolhouse Door.

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steveegg said...

I still have the cement shoes I tested out for Charlie. I'm sure we can get them to fit Xoff's feet. So, do we have Charlie, Mikel Holt, or the kids toss Xoff overboard in the middle of Lake Mendota? </satire_for_the_benefit_of_the_humorless>